Oppføringer av Svein Erik Waters

Ponnibursdag for unge damer –

«Gamle stalljenter» Silje,Tamara, Linn-Therese og Helene hadde bursdag i stallen – hyggelig gjensyn for ponniene og oss . Det ble børsting og ridning. Jentene er habile lette,voksne ryttere og de valgte seg Hogdes Embla, Hogdes Eline, Hogdes Evidence og Hogdes Earl Grey . Jentene har kjent onniene fra føll og har ridd dem inn . […]

Life on the Scattald

by Margareth Hunter Pony Breeders of Shetland Association For hundreds of years Shetland crofters have relied on their common grazing land, or scattald as it is called on the islands, to supplement their few acres inby land. This common land is usually rough moorland, often heather-clad and usually hilly. At first sight one wonders it […]

The first Shetland ponies in Norway

In 1967 an old DC3 aeroplane landed at Forneby Airport in Oslo, the plane came from Shetland and had a somewhat unusual cargo. The cargo was Shetland ponies – twenty fillies and thirteen colts, they were the first Shetland ponies to be documented on Norwegian farms. This first import of Shetland ponies to Norway came […]

The age of a horse

Dikt om hestens alder -hentet fra ponniforeningen på Shetland. by Tamy Fraser Pony Breeders of Shetland Association To tell the age of any horse Inspect the lower jaw, of course. The six front teeth the tale will tell And every doubt and fear dispel. Two middle “nippers” you behold Before the colt is two weeks […]